The Active Eclectus Parrot

An intelligent and playful bird

The Eclectus parrot is an intelligent and active pet bird. They are also one of the more unusual members of the parrot family.

The first thing you will notice is that they are very sexually dimorphic. The male and female Eclectus are so different looking that they were originally thought to be two different species.

eclectus parrot

The male Eclectus are bright green with a yellow-orange beak while the female Eclectus are red and purple with a black beak. As soon as their feathers come in, you can tell whether the bird is male or female.

Their feathers also appear to be more hair-like rather than feather-like and they require more vitamin A and calcium in their diet than most other parrots. The specialized diet alone means they do require more experienced owners. They also don’t form strong bonds like other parrots, but this in no way means that they don’t make good pets.

Eclectus are only a little cuddly, but they are great companions and love to sit on a perch near you or on your hand. They are not great talkers, but they can learn a few words and phrases and even whole songs. What they love is imitating sounds–like a telephone, alarm, or microwave.

Pet Eclectus Parrot Species

There are a few different Eclectus subspecies that are available for pets:

  • Red-Sided Eclectus (E. roratus polychloros) – This subspecis is more outgoing and boistrous and has a great sense of humor.
  • Solomon Island Eclectus (E. roratus solomonensis) – This is the most common and tend to make the best family pets.
  • Vosmaer’s Eclectus (E. roratus vosmaeri) – This subspecies is believed to be the most quiet and gentle of the Eclectus.
Fast Facts
Name Eclectus (Eclectus roratus)
Origin Indonesia, New Guinea, northern Australia
Size 14″ (35 cm) and 370-525 grams (13-19 oz)
Color Differences Male Eclectus are bright green with a yellow-orange beak while the female Eclectus are red and purple with a black beak.
Average Cost $600-1200
Lifespan 30-50 years
Noise Eclectus parrots can be loud, though they are not known to be screamers. They are best fit in a house.
Qualities Some subpecies qualities are different from others (see above), don’t form strong bonds like other parrots do, good with children that know how to respect a bird, not good for a house with a lot of commotion, outgoing, curious, a little cuddly, love to perch near you and sit on your hand, entertaining, loving, intelligent, can be shy and standoffish, playful, very active, prone to feather plucking, sensitive to noise, males tend to be mellow and shy while females tend to be outgoing and a bit moody, most go through a nippy stage.
Abilities Good – Capable of talking, can learn whole songs, love to imitate sounds, not great training ability.
Interaction/Time Requirements Eclectus parrots need interaction on a daily basis
Diet They need a diet for large birds and need more vitamin A and calcium than most other parrots do. Make sure not to feed them too many foods heavy in iron–Eclectus have problems with iron storage.
Supplies Needed They need supplies for large birds.
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Eclectus Videos
“Eclectus Parrot – Isha on the 7 News”

Video by geumbouThis is a great video that shows just how outgoing and friendly Eclectus parrots can be.  
“Riley the Amazing Talking Parrot – Best Bits”

Video by brenda4rileyEclectus parrots can also be very good talkers. This video is a great example of how large of a vocabulary they can have!  
Eclectus Training

Eclectus parrots can become very sensitive birds, so it is important to train them correctly right from the beginning. Eclectus parrots can be fantastic companions. They are caring, loving, and they can become very attached. However, if not properly trained, they can be very nervous and may never want to leave their cage.

For these reasons, we highly recommend that you find an effective training program for your Eclectus. Whether your Eclectus is new to your home or you’ve had him for years, a training program will always come in handy. We personally recommend the Bird Tricks Parrot Training Course by Chet Womach. You can see many of his videos for free to get an idea of how much he knows about parrots and how he can help you train yours.

Below is one of Chet’s videos that discusses tips on how to train your Eclectus. This video is a great example of how effective the training courses are and how they are filled with a wealth of useful information for any bird owner. This video is really only the first step in getting your bird tamed. We highly recommend checking out Chet’s curriculum for taming your Eclectus even further.

For more information about Chet’s course, you can visit the Bird Tricks webpage here.
Eclectus Education

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