A Canary with a Cat

A Canary with a Cat

by Anonymous

My question is: would it be cruel to get a canary if I have a cat? I don’t want the canary to be stressed out, and have no way of knowing how the cat will react to it. Does anyone have personal experience with this?
Thank you!


Hi Monica,

Yes, getting a Canary may not be the best idea if you have an unpredictable cat.

Your ultimate decision can depend on several factors, though – What is the reason that you want a Canary? Do you have a room where the Canary can have complete safety from the cat but still let him be involved (not completely locked away) if necessary? Are you able to safely hang the cage from the ceiling if necessary?

It really depends, but if you are questioning it, then it may not be the best thing to get a Canary.

God bless,

Michelle Jay

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