The Best Bird Perches

The Best Bird Perches

Find the best perches for your feathery friend

The right amount and variety of bird perches is essential to your bird’s foot health and cage “furniture”.

bird perches
Providing your bird with perches of various types and diameters is absolutely essential. Your bird will spend most of his life standing, so preventing foot problems is very important. Perches of different types and diameters help to exercise your bird’s feet so he won’t get tired of standing on same-sized perches of the same material. Perches will also help your bird navigate his cage and have comfortable places to sleep and spend his time.

Perches come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. It is important to have a variety and know what a variety looks like. There are also bird perches that are recommended against and even poisonous, so it’s important to know what to look for.

The Best for Your Bird

See the best bird perches we recommend for your bird’s species:

There is a recommended perch diameter for each size bird. This is so you don’t choose bird perches that are too big or too small for your bird. It’s important to have perches that are the right size for your bird as well as perches that are a little bigger and a little smaller than the recommended size to give your bird the size variety that he needs.

Here are the recommended perch diameters for the different sizes of birds:

Perch Diameter Recommendations
Bird Size Perch Diam.
X-Small 1/2″ or less
Small 1/2-5/8″
Medium 3/4-1″
Large 1-1.5″
X-Large 2-2.5″”

What To Buy

There are a few different popular types of bird perches on the market. However, you do not need them all and some of them aren’t good for your bird. Below is a table with the recommended quantity of the different types of perches. Keep in mind that different diameters are required too.

It is important for your bird to have:

Perch Types
Image Qty Type
Therapeutic Perches


Therapeutic Perches
Therapeutic perches help trim your bird’s nails and may lead to a reduced need for nail trimmings. Try to place one as the highest perch in the cage or near your bird’s favorite food dish–this will help make sure it gets used.
Natural Wood Perches


Natural Wood Perches
Natural wood perches are the best perches for your bird’s cage. Not only do they offer different diameters for your bird’s feet, but they are also good for your bird to chew.
Rope Perches


Rope Perches
Rope perches are also a great addition to a cage. They provide a different, softer surface as well as a different size for your bird’s feet.


Heated Perches
Yes, there are such things as heated perches. These perches are used to help regulate your bird’s body temperature and comfort.


Shower Perches
Shower perches can be very fun for a bird that likes to spend time with you in the shower.


Dowel Perches
Wooden dowel perches usually come with a cage and are cheap and easy to clean, but do not provide the size variety that your bird needs. It’s ok to use one as long as there are other types of perches in your bird’s cage.


NO Sand Paper Perches
DO NOT use sand paper perches or sand paper perch covers. These are too abrasive for your bird’s feet and can lead to injury.
perches_no Not too many perches
It’s important not to overcrowd your bird’s cage with perches. He should still be able to spread his wings without hitting a perch.

We know perch hunting isn’t easy, so we’ve done the hard work for you and have found the best bird perches on the market at the best prices and with the largest variety for each type of bird.

We hope we’ve helped you in your bird perch hunting endeavor!