Pet Birds FAQ

We’ve been emailed so many questions about pet birds that we decided to create a Pet Bird FAQ below so you can ask questions and find answers quickly and easily. Below, you will find a list of questions submitted by other visitors as well as a comment form to ask your own. You can also […]

Training videos

Training videos by mark rector (lakeside ca) I am looking to buy videos. I have a Love bird I want to train. Answer: Hi Mark, This is a great training program and we highly recommend it: Bird Tricks Website. Let me know if you still need help. God bless, Michelle Jay

Taming a cockatiel

Taming a cockatiel by Tecknora (London) I have a young Cockatiel (between 4 and 6 months) and I’ve had him for a week and 6 days. I bought him untame but he quickly got used to me and my family. He doesn’t mind hands being near him but allows fingers especially close, although he moves […]

Conure Training Video

Conure Training Video by Michelle (Charlotte, NC) I want to buy one or more training videos to train our Sun Conure. All conure sites refer to a site Parrot Training 101 that makes you sit through a lengthy sales pitch with NO INFORMATION ON HOW TO BUY THE VIDEOS. What is this scam??? Answer: I’m […]

A Canary with a Cat

A Canary with a Cat by Anonymous Hi, My question is: would it be cruel to get a canary if I have a cat? I don’t want the canary to be stressed out, and have no way of knowing how the cat will react to it. Does anyone have personal experience with this? Thank you! […]

Bird in India

Bird in India by Anonymous Hello, My husband and I are Canadian but moving to India. Once settled there, we would like to get a pet bird. After doing some initial research, we are thinking a lovebird, parakeet, or cockatiel would be best (it will be our first bird, we would like something that sings […]

Which type of parrot is my pet?

Which type of parrot is my pet? by Aditya Singh (Allahabad, India) Hello!!! I have a pet parrot which one day came to my house and sat on my hand and was hungry. I made him my pet. I don’t know what type of parrot it is. What species is it? I found a large […]

What do parrots eat?

What do parrots eat? by Alice (Orlando, FL) I see all kinds of websites that have so much information about parrot diets, foods, products, etc. but I’d just like to know…What do parrots eat? Please just give me a simple, straight-forward answer. Thank you. Answer: Hello Alice, Great question! You’re right, it’s difficult to find […]

What bird should I get?

What bird should I get? by April (Texas) I’ve been wanting another bird to add along with my 5 Parakeets. I was thinking if I should get a Parrotlet or a Lovebird. Answer: Hi April, It’s totally up to you! Parrotlets and Lovebirds have completely different personalities. I recommend researching them both–particularly their companion qualities […]

The chained street parrot of Hanoi

The chained street parrot of Hanoi by Rudolph.A.Furtado (Mumbai, India) The red parrot of Hanoi. I had recently visited Hanoi in Vietnam and came across this colorful red parrot chained to its perch on the footpath of the main road. It was the noisiest bird on this tourist street near my hostel in the proximity […]