Pet Birds FAQ

We’ve been emailed so many questions about pet birds that we decided to create a Pet Bird FAQ below so you can ask questions and find answers quickly and easily. Below, you will find a list of questions submitted by other visitors as well as a comment form to ask your own. You can also […]

Training videos

Training videos by mark rector (lakeside ca) I am looking to buy videos. I have a Love bird I want to train. Answer: Hi Mark, This is a great training program and we highly recommend it: Bird Tricks Website. Let me know if you still need help. God bless, Michelle Jay

Taming a cockatiel

Taming a cockatiel by Tecknora (London) I have a young Cockatiel (between 4 and 6 months) and I’ve had him for a week and 6 days. I bought him untame but he quickly got used to me and my family. He doesn’t mind hands being near him but allows fingers especially close, although he moves […]

Conure Training Video

Conure Training Video by Michelle (Charlotte, NC) I want to buy one or more training videos to train our Sun Conure. All conure sites refer to a site Parrot Training 101 that makes you sit through a lengthy sales pitch with NO INFORMATION ON HOW TO BUY THE VIDEOS. What is this scam??? Answer: I’m […]

Bird in India

Bird in India by Anonymous Hello, My husband and I are Canadian but moving to India. Once settled there, we would like to get a pet bird. After doing some initial research, we are thinking a lovebird, parakeet, or cockatiel would be best (it will be our first bird, we would like something that sings […]

A Canary with a Cat

A Canary with a Cat by Anonymous Hi, My question is: would it be cruel to get a canary if I have a cat? I don’t want the canary to be stressed out, and have no way of knowing how the cat will react to it. Does anyone have personal experience with this? Thank you! […]

Single or Double Pet Birds?

Single or Double Pet Birds? by Semih (Turkey) I am thinking of getting a Brown-Headed Poicephalus, but there is a couple (male and female) at the petshop right now, and they seem very involved with each other. I don’t want to be a bad person tearing a family apart, so here are my questions: – […]

Birds and mirrors

Birds and mirrors by Aimee (Australia) Hi I have a 1 year old cockatiel that has become attached to his mirror. I gave it to him not long after I got him so that he would have company when I was at school. He is now attached to it and I am not sure if […]

Which type of parrot is my pet?

Which type of parrot is my pet? by Aditya Singh (Allahabad, India) Hello!!! I have a pet parrot which one day came to my house and sat on my hand and was hungry. I made him my pet. I don’t know what type of parrot it is. What species is it? I found a large […]

What do parrots eat?

What do parrots eat? by Alice (Orlando, FL) I see all kinds of websites that have so much information about parrot diets, foods, products, etc. but I’d just like to know…What do parrots eat? Please just give me a simple, straight-forward answer. Thank you. Answer: Hello Alice, Great question! You’re right, it’s difficult to find […]