Male vs Female Budgies

Male vs Female Budgies by Marianne (Santa Rosa,CA, USA) I am thinking of getting a Budgerigar, because they are not noisy, yet like to talk and cuddle. Is there any character or personality difference between a male and a female? Which would make the best pet? Many thanks. Marianne Answer: Hi Marianne, This is a […]


Expense by Blue Valentine (North Carolina, USA) Would it be really expensive to own an African Grey (Timneh)? With all the toys, cages, vet care, and food? Answer: Hello, Owning a pet bird can be very expensive. And with larger parrots (such as African Greys), it is guaranteed. African Greys alone cost between $600-$2000 to […]

Is there such thing as too large a cage?

Is there such thing as too large a cage? by Henry (Maryland) I’m doing research on lovebird care, hoping to get one of my one, but I want to make sure the bird is comfortable. I’d like to get the bird a large cage, but I was wondering if there was such a thing as […]

Parakeet won’t use cuttlebone

Parakeet won’t use cuttlebone by Anonymous Why would my bird not be using his cuttlebone? I have a 2 and a half month old rare parakeet and I have been trying to get my bird to use his cuttlebone for 2 months now and I’ve been holding it up to him and scratching it with […]

Is it right for me?

Is it right for me? by Carissa (Canada) Bird Collage I made I have never owned a bird but I am anxious to own one. I am in school from 8 25 a.m. to 2 30 p.m. but I leave around 7 45 a.m. and get back around 3 00 pm. That is a full […]

Identical Budgies

Identical Budgies by Joann Wilber (Kalispell, MT) Twin Budgies Hi, I was just wondering how often a budgie will have identical twin babies (double-yolked egg), and if anyone else out there raising budgies has had that happen. Answer: This situation is actually pretty rare. And even when it does happen, they rarely make it beyond […]

I want to buy a Cockatiel

I want to buy a Cockatiel by Aaruni (Singapore) I want to buy a Cockatiel but the problem is that I don’t stay at home for 6 hours because of my school and there is nobody to take take care of the bird for that 6 hours. So is it good for the bird and […]

How to stop my Parrotlet from biting

How to stop my Parrotlet from biting by Lisa (Ayer, Ma.) Hello, I have a Parrotlet that is just under a year. Although he always wants me to hold him, he has been nipping and biting when I hold him. Is there a way to break this behavior? He’s very attached to me and is […]

My Parrotlet is Stripping His Feathers

My Parrotlet is Stripping His Feathers by Lisa (Ayer, Ma) Hello! I have a 1 1/2 year old Parrotlet that started to strip his feather from too much preening. I read that it could be caused from boredom. I didn’t take him out of the cage one weekend because I was sick and that’s when […]

My Canary Isn’t Singing

My Canary Isn’t Singing by Freddy (Salt Lake City, UT,USA) I purchased a male Border Fancy canary mid January of this year and my canary still doesn’t sing. He makes a tweet sound but that’s it. Sometimes it’s kind of raspy though. I do noticed that he has the body language like if he were […]