Strawberries for Indian Ring Neck Parrot

Strawberries for Indian Ring Neck Parrot by Asma (India) I checked your food list on the website, but I’m unable to find strawberry. Please clarify whether or not it is advisable to give strawberries to an Indian Ring Neck Parrot. Answer: Hello Asma, Yes, strawberries are fine to give your parrot. However, this fruit tends […]

Single or Double Pet Birds?

Single or Double Pet Birds? by Semih (Turkey) I am thinking of getting a Brown-Headed Poicephalus, but there is a couple (male and female) at the petshop right now, and they seem very involved with each other. I don’t want to be a bad person tearing a family apart, so here are my questions: – […]

Birds and mirrors

Birds and mirrors by Aimee (Australia) Hi I have a 1 year old cockatiel that has become attached to his mirror. I gave it to him not long after I got him so that he would have company when I was at school. He is now attached to it and I am not sure if […]

Parakeet won’t use cuttlebone

Parakeet won’t use cuttlebone by Anonymous Why would my bird not be using his cuttlebone? I have a 2 and a half month old rare parakeet and I have been trying to get my bird to use his cuttlebone for 2 months now and I’ve been holding it up to him and scratching it with […]

Is it right for me?

Is it right for me? by Carissa (Canada) Bird Collage I made I have never owned a bird but I am anxious to own one. I am in school from 8 25 a.m. to 2 30 p.m. but I leave around 7 45 a.m. and get back around 3 00 pm. That is a full […]

Identical Budgies

Identical Budgies by Joann Wilber (Kalispell, MT) Twin Budgies Hi, I was just wondering how often a budgie will have identical twin babies (double-yolked egg), and if anyone else out there raising budgies has had that happen. Answer: This situation is actually pretty rare. And even when it does happen, they rarely make it beyond […]

I want to buy a Cockatiel

I want to buy a Cockatiel by Aaruni (Singapore) I want to buy a Cockatiel but the problem is that I don’t stay at home for 6 hours because of my school and there is nobody to take take care of the bird for that 6 hours. So is it good for the bird and […]

How to stop my Parrotlet from biting

How to stop my Parrotlet from biting by Lisa (Ayer, Ma.) Hello, I have a Parrotlet that is just under a year. Although he always wants me to hold him, he has been nipping and biting when I hold him. Is there a way to break this behavior? He’s very attached to me and is […]

My Parrotlet is Stripping His Feathers

My Parrotlet is Stripping His Feathers by Lisa (Ayer, Ma) Hello! I have a 1 1/2 year old Parrotlet that started to strip his feather from too much preening. I read that it could be caused from boredom. I didn’t take him out of the cage one weekend because I was sick and that’s when […]

My Canary Isn’t Singing

My Canary Isn’t Singing by Freddy (Salt Lake City, UT,USA) I purchased a male Border Fancy canary mid January of this year and my canary still doesn’t sing. He makes a tweet sound but that’s it. Sometimes it’s kind of raspy though. I do noticed that he has the body language like if he were […]