Housing Two Bird Species Together

Housing Two Bird Species Together by Christopher Matos (Avenel) Are blue and gold macaws good with smaller size birds? Because we aren’t always home to be with him, so I wanted to know if I could get a Lovebird to put in the cage. Answer: Hi Christopher, Most of the time, birds of different species […]

Help identifying a bird at our farm

Help identifying a bird at our farm by Anonymous We have a bird that came to our farm. We are trying to catch it. The bird keeps coming close but no success. It’s mostly gray with a large red breast and a vibrant crop which he moves up and down. I don’t know if it’s […]

Male vs Female Budgies

Male vs Female Budgies by Marianne (Santa Rosa,CA, USA) I am thinking of getting a Budgerigar, because they are not noisy, yet like to talk and cuddle. Is there any character or personality difference between a male and a female? Which would make the best pet? Many thanks. Marianne Answer: Hi Marianne, This is a […]


Expense by Blue Valentine (North Carolina, USA) Would it be really expensive to own an African Grey (Timneh)? With all the toys, cages, vet care, and food? Answer: Hello, Owning a pet bird can be very expensive. And with larger parrots (such as African Greys), it is guaranteed. African Greys alone cost between $600-$2000 to […]

Won’t play with toys

Won’t play with toys by P Harris (Hampden, MA) My African Gray is very tame and interacts with me and almost anyone else. My problem is she gets bored when on her own and does not seem interested in any toys I offer her. Answer: Hi P, This is a great question! Honestly, some birds […]

What are the biggest differences between Parrotlets and Lovebirds?

What are the biggest differences between Parrotlets and Lovebirds? by Peter (London) Hello! These birds are about the same size, I think they’re both really cute, and they can be feisty. But what are the differences in behaviour? I want a single bird that will bond with the family. And I’d like him to be […]

Transport Cages For Macaw

Transport Cages For Macaw by Candy (Norwich) hi all we are rescuing a blue and gold macaw and need to purchase a transport cage (for visits to the vets ect ) can anyone reccomend a good strong one ( the macaw is a real hanful so weve been told ) that would accomidate his needs […]

Training videos

Training videos by mark rector (lakeside ca) I am looking to buy videos. I have a Love bird I want to train. Answer: Hi Mark, This is a great training program and we highly recommend it: Bird Tricks Website. Let me know if you still need help. God bless, Michelle Jay

Thinking of getting a bird in my apartment…

Thinking of getting a bird in my apartment… by Taiylor Wallace (Marquette, MI) I’m trying to decide and plan ahead what kind of bird I’d like once I get an apartment in college. I’m most attracted to cockatiels, but what species are similarly cuddly and vocal (as in singing)? Also, is it okay to buy […]

Age of parakeets in pet stores

Age of parakeets in pet stores by Ali Sabour How old are most young parakeets when they are sold to pet stores? Answer: Hello, Young parakeets in pet stores are usually 6-12 months old. However, the ages can really vary at a pet store since they carry birds from babies to adulthood. You also cannot […]