Male vs Female Budgies

Male vs Female Budgies by Marianne (Santa Rosa,CA, USA) I am thinking of getting a Budgerigar, because they are not noisy, yet like to talk and cuddle. Is there any character or personality difference between a male and a female? Which would make the best pet? Many thanks. Marianne Answer: Hi Marianne, This is a […]

Mexican Redheaded Amazon

Mexican Redheaded Amazon by Christine Pickering (Klamath Falls, Oregon) So I have a beautiful Mexican Redheaded Amazon parrot and I was just wondering if I could ask a few questions. My first question is how long do they live? My second question is what kind of foods do they like? My third question is what […]

Most curious pet bird?

Most curious pet bird? by Alex (Holland) Hi there, I am thinking about buying a bird and I was wondering what the most curious pet birds were. How can you help them be more curious? (I’m looking for a smaller bird that isn’t too loud. He or she will be living in an apartment.) Thanks […]

My bird won’t eat vegetables

My bird won’t eat vegetables My budgie refuses to eat anything but seed. Ever since she was little I’ve tried and nothing works. I’ve tried clipping spinach onto the cage but she won’t touch it, she’ll eat anything: books, pencils, a picture frame, dust, paper, nail clippers etc. But anything healthy for her is left […]

My Canary Isn’t Singing

My Canary Isn’t Singing by Freddy (Salt Lake City, UT,USA) I purchased a male Border Fancy canary mid January of this year and my canary still doesn’t sing. He makes a tweet sound but that’s it. Sometimes it’s kind of raspy though. I do noticed that he has the body language like if he were […]

My Parrotlet is Stripping His Feathers

My Parrotlet is Stripping His Feathers by Lisa (Ayer, Ma) Hello! I have a 1 1/2 year old Parrotlet that started to strip his feather from too much preening. I read that it could be caused from boredom. I didn’t take him out of the cage one weekend because I was sick and that’s when […]

New Parrotlet Mama

New Parrotlet Mama by Anonymous I just brought 2 parrotlet male and female. The pet store said they have been weaned for 3 weeks but I don’t know if they have been hand raised the one that is female bites all the the time really hard. Can I still hand train them and would you […]

Nuts for Parrots

Nuts for Parrots by Frances Miller (Baltimore, Maryland) I need to know if the following nuts are toxic or nutritious for any of my birds. I have two cockatoos, Two Red Lure Amazons, a jenday Conure, and a cockatiel. The nuts that I am inquiring about are: Black Walnuts; Acorns; Hickory Nuts. I would appreciate […]

Can I leave my bird alone when I go on vacation?

Can I leave my bird alone when I go on vacation? by Sharmon M. (Montana) Can I leave my bird alone when I go on vacation? Answer: Hello Sharmon, If your bird is able to use a cage water bottle and can eat non-perishable food (like pellets), then your bird may be able to be […]

Cockatiel living space

Cockatiel living space by Rainbow (United states) I need to know if a cockatiel can fit in a 16×14 inch cage. The cage is about 17 inches tall. I have had experience with other birds (as pets) in my house. Keep in mind that this bird would spend up to 6 hours out of its […]