Thinking of getting a bird in my apartment…

Thinking of getting a bird in my apartment… by Taiylor Wallace (Marquette, MI) I’m trying to decide and plan ahead what kind of bird I’d like once I get an apartment in college. I’m most attracted to cockatiels, but what species are similarly cuddly and vocal (as in singing)? Also, is it okay to buy […]

Age of parakeets in pet stores

Age of parakeets in pet stores by Ali Sabour How old are most young parakeets when they are sold to pet stores? Answer: Hello, Young parakeets in pet stores are usually 6-12 months old. However, the ages can really vary at a pet store since they carry birds from babies to adulthood. You also cannot […]

Babies and Birds

Babies and Birds by Kim (UK) I just moved to the UK. I have a six month old baby and my husband is underway for long periods of time. Im looking into getting a pet bird, but i don’t know if a bird is ok to have around a baby, or if they will mesh […]

Bird Cage Lining

Bird Cage Lining by Kath (Maine) Is it okay to just have the grate on the bottom of the cage or does paper go over it or in the tray below it? Answer: Hi Kath, You would probably want to put a lining in the tray below the grate for easy cleaning (the grate keeps […]

Won’t play with toys

Won’t play with toys by P Harris (Hampden, MA) My African Gray is very tame and interacts with me and almost anyone else. My problem is she gets bored when on her own and does not seem interested in any toys I offer her. Answer: Hi P, This is a great question! Honestly, some birds […]

Cockatiel living space

Cockatiel living space by Rainbow (United states) I need to know if a cockatiel can fit in a 16×14 inch cage. The cage is about 17 inches tall. I have had experience with other birds (as pets) in my house. Keep in mind that this bird would spend up to 6 hours out of its […]

Can I leave my bird alone when I go on vacation?

Can I leave my bird alone when I go on vacation? by Sharmon M. (Montana) Can I leave my bird alone when I go on vacation? Answer: Hello Sharmon, If your bird is able to use a cage water bottle and can eat non-perishable food (like pellets), then your bird may be able to be […]

Nuts for Parrots

Nuts for Parrots by Frances Miller (Baltimore, Maryland) I need to know if the following nuts are toxic or nutritious for any of my birds. I have two cockatoos, Two Red Lure Amazons, a jenday Conure, and a cockatiel. The nuts that I am inquiring about are: Black Walnuts; Acorns; Hickory Nuts. I would appreciate […]

New Parrotlet Mama

New Parrotlet Mama by Anonymous I just brought 2 parrotlet male and female. The pet store said they have been weaned for 3 weeks but I don’t know if they have been hand raised the one that is female bites all the the time really hard. Can I still hand train them and would you […]

Smells Sensitivity

Smells Sensitivity by Barbara Moore (Tulsa, OK) What smells or fragrances are not good for sun conures and mini macaws? Answer: Hi Barbara, All pet birds actually have a very sensitive sense of smell and respiratory tract. I don’t recommend using any type of scents around pet birds – this includes candles, incense, air freshener […]