Conure not stepping up

Conure not stepping up by Aimee (New South Wales ) Hi, For Christmas I adopted a young green cheeked conure, that was not hand reared and was in a small cage with lots of other birds. I had been thinking about getting a conure and thought I would rescue this bird and try to train […]

I have an injured bird

I have an injured bird by Tazin (Dhaka,Bangladesh) Hello,i have a white asian cuckoo bird which was healthy and quite active before injury ,all of a sudden i found that my bird got injury in its head due to which bleeding happened a lot, its feathers of head are also gone,its eye also got injured […]

How many hours do parrots need to sleep?

How many hours do parrots need to sleep? by Tracy (South Africa East London) How many hours sleep does the bird need to sleep? Answers: Hi Tracy, Parrots need 12-14 hours of sleep per day. If they don’t get enough sleep, they can become quite “grumpy”. Also, don’t think they are sleeping just because they […]

How is the noise level decided on the Parrot Comparison chart?

How is the noise level decided on the Parrot Comparison chart? by Max (MN) I have been looking at the Comparison Chart and I not sure how the noise level is decided. First the lilac-crowned Amazon is at a low noise level but I thought Amazons were screamers so is that noise level compared to […]

Most curious pet bird?

Most curious pet bird? by Alex (Holland) Hi there, I am thinking about buying a bird and I was wondering what the most curious pet birds were. How can you help them be more curious? (I’m looking for a smaller bird that isn’t too loud. He or she will be living in an apartment.) Thanks […]

Mexican Redheaded Amazon

Mexican Redheaded Amazon by Christine Pickering (Klamath Falls, Oregon) So I have a beautiful Mexican Redheaded Amazon parrot and I was just wondering if I could ask a few questions. My first question is how long do they live? My second question is what kind of foods do they like? My third question is what […]