Bird in India

Bird in India by Anonymous Hello, My husband and I are Canadian but moving to India. Once settled there, we would like to get a pet bird. After doing some initial research, we are thinking a lovebird, parakeet, or cockatiel would be best (it will be our first bird, we would like something that sings […]

Bird Cage Lining

Bird Cage Lining by Kath (Maine) Is it okay to just have the grate on the bottom of the cage or does paper go over it or in the tray below it? Answer: Hi Kath, You would probably want to put a lining in the tray below the grate for easy cleaning (the grate keeps […]

Babies and Birds

Babies and Birds by Kim (UK) I just moved to the UK. I have a six month old baby and my husband is underway for long periods of time. Im looking into getting a pet bird, but i don’t know if a bird is ok to have around a baby, or if they will mesh […]

Age of parakeets in pet stores

Age of parakeets in pet stores by Ali Sabour How old are most young parakeets when they are sold to pet stores? Answer: Hello, Young parakeets in pet stores are usually 6-12 months old. However, the ages can really vary at a pet store since they carry birds from babies to adulthood. You also cannot […]

A Canary with a Cat

A Canary with a Cat by Anonymous Hi, My question is: would it be cruel to get a canary if I have a cat? I don’t want the canary to be stressed out, and have no way of knowing how the cat will react to it. Does anyone have personal experience with this? Thank you! […]