Lorikeets and Lories

Lorikeets and Lories are beautiful and unique friends Lories and Lorikeets are special birds that are different from other members of the parrot tribe. There is no scientific difference between the two names–only that Lories have shorter tails while Lorikeets have longer tails. There are approximately 55 different species of these birds, but only about […]

The Caique Parrot

Caiques are energetic and comical friends The Caique parrot is full of energy and has a large personality. They are not great for first-time bird owners, but they will always keep you entertained. They enjoy playing on their backs, hopping around the house, and just being comical. They are mischevious, stubborn, and need clear boundaries […]


Parrotlets are mini-parrots with a lot of personality Parrotlets are exactly as their names describe…They have a parrot-sized personality in a lovebird-sized package. These birds are the smallest parrots kept as pets and they have about the same size personality as an Amazon. However, unlike Amazons, these birds are great for first-time owners. They are […]


Parakeets are small birds with a lot of personality Generally speaking, Parakeets are a group of small to medium sized pet birds that have long tail feathers. Because the term is so general, it refers to a wide range of birds with different sizes, looks, and personalities. One of the best known in the U.S. […]


Lovebirds are energetic and curious friends Lovebirds are very popular pets and are a good for first-time bird owners. These birds are great pets for older children but may be a bit too nippy for younger children. They are quiet birds, so they can live in an apartment with you. They can also be friendly […]

The Pet Cockatiel

Cockatiels are loyal friends and playful companions The Cockatiel is the second most popular pet bird in the world, and rightfully so! Cockatiels are sweet, personable, easy to care for, intelligent, fun, and all around great family pets. They are great whistlers and the males can actually learn how to talk. They are easy to […]

The Canary Bird is a Great Pet

Canaries are beautiful and independent friends The Canary bird is set aside from other pet birds because of their beautiful singing ability. Canaries are known for their beauty and their song and have been kept as pets since the 1400s. They are not companion birds and are better admired from afar, but this doesn’t make […]


Finches are easy and energetic friends Finches are small, energetic birds that are best admired from afar. These birds are known for their beauty and some are able to sing. They are well suited for aviaries and flights, but a pair can be kept together in a cage. They are not meant to be alone, […]

Choosing A Pet Bird for Your Lifetime Companion

Is a bird the right pet for you? Choosing a pet bird is not a difficult task, but you first need to know if a bird is the right pet for you and your family. A pet bird can be a wonderful and exciting addition to any family. However, it’s important to realize that pet […]

Top 5 Best Cockatoo Videos

The funniest Cockatoo videos all in one place! Want a good laugh? This Cockatoo video page shows all the best videos of Cockatoos doing what they do best–entertaining! If you want to learn more about Cockatoos and whether or not a Cockatoo is right for you, check out our Cockatoo page. Enjoy! “Frostie The Cockatoo […]