Top 5 Best Cockatoo Videos

The funniest Cockatoo videos all in one place!

Want a good laugh? This Cockatoo video page shows all the best videos of Cockatoos doing what they do best–entertaining!

If you want to learn more about Cockatoos and whether or not a Cockatoo is right for you, check out our Cockatoo page. Enjoy!

“Frostie The Cockatoo Dancing To Shake Your Tail Feather! Bird Loves Ray Charles!”

This is by far my favorite Cockatoo video. This video, of a Bare Eyed Cockatoo, shows just how much personality (and talent!) these birds can have!

“Jail Bird (Cockatoo opens locked cage from the inside)”

We really weren’t kidding when we said that Cockatoos are expert escape artists. This video shows just how clever these birds are!

“Snowball (TM) – Our Dancing Cockatoo”

Cockatoos love to entertain and Snowball is no different. This popular video features Snowball, a Medium-Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, dancing to the Backstreet Boys.

“One Crazy Talking Cockatoo! Bird”

Moluccan Cockatoos are truly beautiful (and high maintenance!) birds. This video shows just how much personality they can have. So funny!

“Cockatoo stars in Dr Jeckle & Ms. Hyde”

Cockatoos can also have split personalities! This hilarious video shows just that in a very, well, cinematic way.


This is the most hardcore Cockatoo we’ve ever seen, so we definitely had to share this one.

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