Conure not stepping up

Conure not stepping up

by Aimee
(New South Wales )


For Christmas I adopted a young green cheeked conure, that was not hand reared and was in a small cage with lots of other birds. I had been thinking about getting a conure and thought I would rescue this bird and try to train him as I have experience with birds and a cockatiel. I was told by people that I would never be able to train him but I did, and he now steps up well, let’s me pet all of his body, eats healthy food and loves being with me.

The only thing I am having trouble with is getting him to step up when he is on top of or in his cage. Teaching him to step up was very difficult, as he didn’t step onto my finger and would either walk away or go upside down if standing on a perch. He has mastered ‘up’ when away from his cage, but when on top or inside will offer me one foot and that’s it. He will also either walk away or nip/chew on my finger. He is target stick trained, and I have tried positive reinforcement, pushing his chest, holding a treat away so that he has to step up to reach it. Nothing works. It is getting frustrating and I don’t know how I can train him to step up.



Hi Aimee,

Congratulations on your bird! And I think it is so fantastic that you adopted him. He sounds like a great bird!

Many birds actually have issues with stepping up from their cage.

I suggest finding a treat that he loves and try target training again from his cage. Also, try making yourself taller than him when you try to get him to step up. If he is higher than you, he will feel more in control and be more aggressive.

God bless,

Michelle Jay

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