Do Parrotlets Have A Distinct Smell?

Do Parrotlets Have A Distinct Smell?

by Nicolas

I was wondering if parrotlets have a distinct or offensive smell. I used to own ferrets and was told they had a “slight musky smell to them”, this was a massive understatement. I was also wondering how big of a mess I would need to clean up if they pooped somewhere around the house.


Hi Nicolas,

No, Parrotlets do not normally have an offensive odor. Their smell is like any other parrot. And the only time a parrot’s feathers might smell is when he or she is very sick.

Also, bird poop is easy to clean up–especially if you have a spray like Poop Off. It removes bird poop very easily from almost all surfaces. The only time cleaning bird poop becomes difficult is if your bird pooped on something that would be difficult to clean anything off of–like a keyboard.

Hope this helps!

God bless,

Michelle Jay

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