Getting a Cockatiel

Getting a Cockatiel

by Gabby

I really want a cockatiel. but my parents said that when you take them out of the cage they will do their business any where that they are. Is their any way I can pervert that??
also is it ok to get a cockatiel from a pet store because they may be sick. and if u get a cockatiel from a breeder then you have to wait till spring because that is when birds are
born. please please answer these questions . PS I love your website


Hi Gabby,

I’m so glad you’re enjoying our site and I think it’s great that you’re interested in getting a Cockatiel! Cockatiels are wonderful companions and great for first-time bird owners.

It is possible to potty train parrots, but it takes time and patience and it’s not always successful. So, please don’t count on that. Most birds do their business wherever they are.

Yes, you can get a Cockatiel from a pet store, but it is much preferred to get one from a breeder. Hand fed birds have the potential to be better companions and have less health issues.

God bless,

Michelle Jay

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