How is the noise level decided on the Parrot Comparison chart?

How is the noise level decided on the Parrot Comparison chart?

by Max

I have been looking at the Comparison Chart and I not sure how the noise level is decided. First the lilac-crowned Amazon is at a low noise level but I thought Amazons were screamers so is that noise level compared to other kinds of Amazons. So how does that make them as pets after getting past the for me only having a budgerigar when I was a young teenager. Otherwise I was also considering a Quaker but on the comparison chart they are listed as moderate noise level. I am considering a large bird but I do not want a bird that will scream so I am also looking into the Congo African Gray and a male Eclectus knowing that they are more gentler than the females.



This is a great question. We determine noise level based not only on volume but frequency as well.

Lilac-Crowned Amazons do have the ability to be loud like other Amazons, but do not use their loud voices as frequently. This is the same for African Greys as well.

All larger birds have the ability to scream so it’s always a possibility for which you need to be prepared. Its likelihood is what you will see on the chart. 🙂

God bless,

Michelle Jay

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