How to stop my Parrotlet from biting

How to stop my Parrotlet from biting

by Lisa
(Ayer, Ma.)


Hello, I have a Parrotlet that is just under a year. Although he always wants me to hold him, he has been nipping and biting when I hold him. Is there a way to break this behavior? He’s very attached to me and is often out of his cage but the biting is getting to be discouraging. Thank you!



The simple, yet difficult, answer is training. You might be interested in the training program we recommend here:


Good training is really what helps the best to combat biting and create a loving companion relationship.

Biting can also be a hormonal thing if only experienced during certain seasons of the year. For example, both of our birds are quite hormonal right now since it is Spring. This can include uncharacteristic biting and screaming.

God bless,

Michelle Jay

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