I have an injured bird

I have an injured bird

by Tazin

Hello,i have a white asian cuckoo bird which was healthy and quite active before injury ,all of a sudden i found that my bird got injury in its head due to which bleeding happened a lot, its feathers of head are also gone,its eye also got injured ,after this incident,its behaves abnormally,when it starts to move,its steps backward instead of moving forward like normal birds,it also leans its beak while standing and closes its eyes ,on the morning,it is found that a sticky gluey liquid forms on its eye due to which it can’t open it,now what can i do to make him well again?


Hello Tazin,

Your bird has been very seriously injured and needs to see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Do not wait! Please take him immediately or you may lose your bird to infection.

God bless,

Michelle Jay

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