I want to buy a Cockatiel

I want to buy a Cockatiel

by Aaruni

I want to buy a Cockatiel but the problem is that I don’t stay at home for 6 hours because of my school and there is nobody to take take care of the bird for that 6 hours. So is it good for the bird and me to buy a bird?



I guess the question is: How long DO you spend at home each day? And do you think you can provide your Cockatiel with enough attention to keep him or her happy and content?

Are there other people in the home? Will you spend at least a bit of time with your Cockatiel in the mornings and at least a couple hours with your Cockatiel in the evenings? What about on the weekends?

The “no more than 6 hours alone each day” number is just a general ball park figure and the amount of quality time you do spend with your bird is what matters.

I know this might not be the most straight forward answer you were looking for, but it should help to know what to look for.

God bless,

Michelle Jay

Comments for I want to buy a Cockatiel

Oct 25, 2015 ooh me to NEW
by: ??? i am getting one to its 2 years old and its named dobey I havent seen it yet though but I bet its really cute!!!

Feb 26, 2015 Home alone cockateil NEW
by: Shonna I work five days a week gone for 9hrs and I’m owned by a 13yr old cockateil and that’s how its been with us since I got him at 5 1/2mos. I would leave a/radio on for him and he has his toys. I do come home and he’s with me for a few hrs in the evening and on my days off I spend time with him. He is a very happy bird and he’s a healthy 13 soon to be 14 and still the same routine! Its quality time that’s important not qunity. If it works for us it can work for you too!

Feb 22, 2015 How many eggs can a female cockatiel have a year? NEW
by: Anonymous i got a year old cockatiel from my sister my last one died 2013 after 18 years. i need to know how many times a year do they lay eggs?in the last 2 weeks she had 4 eggs is this normal? my last one had 2 a year till she hit 16 then no more.can you help me?

Oct 03, 2014 I want to by a cockatiel NEW
by: Steve You should get you mom or dad to come and check on it.

Apr 03, 2014 Noise and Training NEW
by: Michelle Jay – Webmaster All parrots are noisy and many Cockatiels scream on a regular basis. This is what it sounds like: https://youtu.be/Y46pb7jkoYE. It can take time to teach a Cockatiel to step up and to trust you. It depends on the bird and it depends on how much time you dedicate to training.I recommend this training program if you are new to training birds:


Apr 03, 2014 do Cockatiels make noise NEW
by: Aaruni And this is the last question i want to ask do they make noise means do they scream. My mom is worrying about this thing. Because my mom get tensed if she listen something screaming. And if i buy a bird after how many days I can start making him learn to step on my hand. And how to build trust to make him my friend. 🙂
Thank u so much for answering my previous question 🙂

Apr 01, 2014 Yes NEW
by: Michelle Jay – Webmaster If you can dedicate 2-3 hours a day to your Cockatiel (and since you are so concerned about it) I think you might make an excellent bird owner. Go for it! And best of luck to you both. 🙂

Mar 31, 2014 Should i buy a bird or not NEW
by: Aaruni I want to ask that will it make the bird unhappy because there will be no other people in the house for that 6 hours. So, i want to ask should i buy a bird or not??? And I am sure that i am going to give at least 2-3 hours to my bird ( Cockatiel ).
That is the reason I am not sure about buying a bird. Please help me I am totally confused.

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