Identical Budgies

Identical Budgies

by Joann Wilber
(Kalispell, MT)


Twin Budgies

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Hi, I was just wondering how often a budgie will have identical twin babies (double-yolked egg), and if anyone else out there raising budgies has had that happen.


This situation is actually pretty rare. And even when it does happen, they rarely make it beyond the egg.

So, it’s really extraordinary that you managed to get twin Budgies! Truly incredible! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

God bless,

Michelle Jay

Comments for Identical Budgies

Oct 25, 2013 twins
by: Anonymous Hmmm, sounds like twins! Let me know if they end up being identical. I just have to wonder if every set of twins is identical with birds, unlike humans…

Oct 25, 2013 twins
by: Anonymous I am not sure if they are twins, but we have 2 baby budgies in the nesting box which appeared 2 days ago and are the same size… They both seem to be growing properly though so I am not sure! (a third baby has now hatched)

Oct 17, 2013 also to Tiens
by: Anonymous I agree, it is totally amazing to have two chicks come out of the same egg, don’t you feel fortunate to have witnessed it? Mine hatched a week before my birthday!

Oct 17, 2013 reply to tiens
by: Anonymous To Tiens,Were they identical? Would love to see a picture!

Oct 17, 2013 Teins
by: Anonymous I just wanted to add to previous comments I too have just had twins born , and am shocked and delighted 🙂

Jun 07, 2013 Identical Lemon Babies!
by: Anonymous That is merely a piece of bark on the wall for them to play on. They were hatched and raised in a log the mother hollowed out for them. I still have it!

Jun 07, 2013 Identical Lemon Babies!
by: Anonymous Thanks for the comments. yes, the twins are doing just great–they are very lively and playful! I still can’t tell them apart and I don’t think I ever will. They will be one year old in August…

Jun 06, 2013 Incredible!
by: Anonymous Wow this sounds incredible, good luck with your egg and I hope the twins survive!

Dec 13, 2012 Identical Twin Budgies
by: Noel Williams I bred Budgies for years and have never heard of twins before. How interesting. Also noted the quaint nest box you’re using. Thanks for posting.

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