My bird won’t eat vegetables

My bird won’t eat vegetables

My budgie refuses to eat anything but seed. Ever since she was little I’ve tried and nothing works. I’ve tried clipping spinach onto the cage but she won’t touch it, she’ll eat anything: books, pencils, a picture frame, dust, paper, nail clippers etc. But anything healthy for her is left untouched I got her to eat a bit of an orange once but she shook her head and flung it across the room. Please help.



Firstly, you’re definitely not alone! Many birds have issues with eating healthy foods.

My best advice to you is: Try Everything. Just like you and me, birds have preferences. Keep trying fruits and vegetables until you find ones that he likes.

Also try preparing them differently – fresh, steamed, processed – there are so many options!

And keep trying. Don’t give up. Also try putting the healthy foods on top of the seed (so he has to taste them to get to the seed) as well as try giving more pellets with less seed.

Also try giving him tastes outside of his cage. Seed is incredibly fatty so birds will always flock to the seed first. Letting him try foods without the seed nearby might help as well.

God bless,

Michelle Jay

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