Nuts for Parrots

Nuts for Parrots

by Frances Miller
(Baltimore, Maryland)

I need to know if the following nuts are toxic or nutritious for any of my birds. I have two cockatoos, Two Red Lure Amazons, a jenday Conure, and a cockatiel. The nuts that I am inquiring about are: Black Walnuts; Acorns; Hickory Nuts. I would appreciate any and all help on this please.

Thank you in advance,




Great question!

Most parrots love nuts, so they are great for use as treats during training. Depending on the size of your bird, you can feed him nuts that are whole or chopped, but make sure you use unsalted nuts only. Although nuts have many nutrients, they are also high in fat, so this is a food that needs to be fed only in moderation.

Black walnuts tend to be difficult for parrots to open, but can make good treats.

Acorns are not popular treats for parrots, but they are not unsafe.

Hickory nuts are safe and popular for parrots.

God bless,

Michelle Jay

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