Parakeet will not eat

Parakeet will not eat

by Kaylee
(The USA)

I have two parakeets and one of them eats a lot but the other hardly eats. I have put up two feeding stations but Cloudy still does not eat. Also, I don’t think Sunny is hogging it because I separated them for an hour and Cloudy did not move. I would be thankful for your advice.


Hi Kaylee,

Is your Parakeet not eating at all? If so, please take him or her to an avian veterinarian as soon as you can – your bird may be ill.

If your bird is eating, but it just doesn’t seem like very much, be sure to check the bowl for seed shells as this is an indicator of eating even if it doesn’t seem like he is.

But always, if in doubt, visit an avian veterinarian just to be sure everything is okay.

God bless,

Michelle Jay

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