Parrot Training for Beginners

Easy Parrot Training

Every parrot has the capacity to be a great, lovable companion. Unfortunately, parrot training doesn’t always come easy.

If you are having trouble with your parrot and you’re looking for answers, then you’ve come to the right place.

First, it’s important to realize that a difficult parrot is a relatively normal parrot. Your parrot isn’t particularly “evil” — he or she is just not trained yet.

Basic Commands

Here are the basic commands that every parrot should know…


This is the most important behavior that your parrot needs to know. The step-up command is when your bird steps up onto your finger (or wrist, perch, etc.) When you say “Step Up”, your parrot should willingly offer up his or her foot while you offer your hand.

Gently offer your finger or wrist to your parrot in the area where your parrot’s belly reaches the top of his or her legs and say “Step up”. Most parrots will raise their foot naturally and step onto you. Make sure you reward correct behavior.


This command is also very important. When you are putting your parrot back into his or her cage or on a perch, they should go without a fight.


A good way to keep your parrot from screaming is to start using a contact call. You are your parrot’s flock, so he or she will, understandably, want to keep track of you. A contact call is a special whistle, word, or phrase that you use when your bird wants you to respond. It’s almost like “Marco, Polo”, really. It’s simply meant to let your parrot know you are nearby when you are not in the same room.

Teach your parrot the contact call and use it consistently. Respond whenever your parrot makes the contact call. However, make sure you don’t respond when your parrot screams or you will reinforce that behavior.

Having Trouble?

If your parrot has difficulty with any of the basic commands, don’t worry, I have a solution for you…

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