Parrotlets are mini-parrots with a lot of personality

Parrotlets are exactly as their names describe…They have a parrot-sized personality in a lovebird-sized package.

These birds are the smallest parrots kept as pets and they have about the same size personality as an Amazon. However, unlike Amazons, these birds are great for first-time owners. They are entertaining and playful, and they can even learn to talk and do tricks! Their tiny voices are such a joy and they will never cease to amaze you.

These sassy birds are fearless and just don’t realize how small they are. They may become aggressive to other birds (even much larger ones) and may become one-person birds if they are not socialized with multiple people on a regular basis. You should handle them everyday or they may lose their tameness and become nippy. Just like having an Amazon, make sure you set clear boudaries early on with these little guys or they may not lose their childhood nippiness.

These little birds enjoy human companionship, but they also don’t have a problem playing on their own. For this reason, most are not needy or demanding. The most commonly kept species is the Pacific Parrotlet. They are such a pleasure and if you would like a larger parrot but don’t have the room or the experience, then these birds might be a great choice for you.

Types of Parrotlets

Fast Facts

Name Parrotlet (Forpus)
Origin Mexico, South America, Caribbean Islands
Size 5 in., 20-30 grams
Color Differences They are mostly green, but some are blue and lutino. Males have intense blue markings while females have lighter blue markings.
Average Cost $100-300
Lifespan 20-30 years
Noise Quiet–they are able to live in an apartment with you.
Qualities Smart, outgoing, curious, spunky, affectionate, playful, fearless (don’t realize how small they are), comical, enjoy human companionship, able to entertain themselves, like to learn tricks, enjoy bathing, clownish, entertaining, sassy, can be moody, can be nippy, may be territorial, may become one-person birds if not socialized enough, can be aggressive toward other birds, get into all kinds of mischief.
Abilities Good–They can learn to talk (mostly males) and some have learn vocabularies of around 100 words! They are also trainable and they like to learn tricks.
Interaction/Time Requirements They need daily interaction to make sure they keep their tameness and socializing them with more than one person on a regular basis will help them not become one-person birds.
Diet They need a diet for small birds
Supplies Needed They need supplies for small birds
See How Parrotlets Compare to Other Types of Pet Birds!

Parrotlet Videos

“Talking Parrotlet plays peek-a-boo”

Parrotlets are talented birds that can learn to talk and learn tricks. This video shows just how cute and talented they can be!

“Jake the talking laughing parrotlet”

Parrotlets are also very loving and affectionate. This is a great video of a Parrotlet interacting with (and mimicking!) his owner.

Parrotlet Training

Parrotlets are often seen as nippy birds. You definitely need to know how to train your Parrotlet if you want him to be hand tamed and enjoy spending time with you and your friends/family. However, if you don’t know how to train a Parrotlet, you may have difficulty even getting your bird out of his cage.

For this reason, we highly recommend that you find an effective training program. Whether your parrot is new to your home or you’ve had him for years, a training program will always come in handy. We personally recommend the Bird Tricks Parrot Training Course by Dave and Jamieleigh Womach. You can see many of their videos for free to get an idea of how much they know about parrots and how they can help you train yours.

Below is one of Dave’s videos that shows how to teach you parrot to step up without biting. This technique can work well for Parrotlets as well. This video is a great example of how effective the training courses can be and how they are filled with a wealth of useful information for any bird owner.

This video is only the first step in getting your bird hand tamed. We highly recommend checking out the BirdTricks Training Course for taming your parrot even further.

For more information about Dave and Jamieleigh’s courses, you can visit the Bird Tricks website HERE.

Parrotlet Education

To learn more about your pet Parrotlet, we recommend these books:

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Parrotlet Gifts

Have a friend of family member who loves Parrotlets? Gift them something that will truly spark joy!

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Have A Great Story About Your Parrotlet?

Share your experience with others! There’s no better way to learn about a pet bird than from an owner.

Some helpful information for potential owners can be: What is the species of your bird? Is he/she friendly? Loving? Cuddly? Talented? Messy? Loud? You get the idea!

Your comment may just help someone decide whether or not this pet bird is for them.

20 replies
  1. Denver Michael
    Denver Michael says:

    This is a great little quiz to help determine the best pet bird for various type of people and environments. I learned a lot as I’ve been trying to come up with a good option for my older parents. Thank you!

  2. Karin
    Karin says:

    We have one. We used to live in Conifer Colorado. This is ain the Rocky MountIns. We lived just outside of Denver we lived was in the mountains al ost 10,000 ft. We were about 20 min up the mountain from Lakewood Colorado. About 3 years ago my daughter was outside in the driveway watching the dog. She was leaning on her sons truck. All of a souvenir this biRd flew down next to her. The bird was skinny a d tired. No colors on feathers. She brought the bird in. We quickly got a cage and food. For 3 weeks we advertised all over town. Even at vet offices. No answer. So Mimi is ours. Talks a blue streak and has bonded with me. I am the grandma of the family. We have moved to South Carolina. Glad to know what Mimi is

  3. Virginia Mays
    Virginia Mays says:

    I need info about where I can purchase a Yello-Face parrotlet,male.
    I live near Atlanta, Ga. Can any one help?

  4. wanda tomlinson
    wanda tomlinson says:

    I am very interested in getting a blue-winged or pacific parrotlet. I had a cockctoo which I raised from a baby but my husband at the time took him and gave him to a pet store. I have missed him ever since but have no idea were he would be. I miss having a bird and would like one. Can you tell me where I can buy one? Thanks Wanda Please call (705) 984-5630 if possible and leave a message I live in Midland Ontario Canada

  5. C.R
    C.R says:

    I have a question I i like birds a lot such as Parrotlets,do u think I should put them outside the house in a big or in the house I need a recommendation plz I will be getting one soon and one more question are these birds super intelligent opening cages cuz one of my parakeets did that and escaped and end up fighting a cat which he end up dead I am not a cat person because what happened to him.I really need a recommendation ty

    • Kirra
      Kirra says:

      HI! I have a pacific parrotlet and I would recommend keeping them inside they can only go outside in certain temperatures so definitely keep them inside. Even though they are small, they need really big cages with lots of toys and are not good for first time bird owners lol. So please keep them inside 🙂

  6. Belinda Sowell
    Belinda Sowell says:

    I just adopted a canary wing parrotket from Petsmart. I felt sorry for him because he has been there a year in that small glass cage. They were so ready to get rid of him they cut his price in half. I just got him September 1 and he is very nervous but has started taking Apple from my hand. I want him to be a happy bird and was wondering what I could do to help him love his new home and trust me? I named him Jasper. It’s sad he has gone a whole year without a name and someone to bond with. Do you think i can get him to bond with me? Even if he doesnt he will always have a home with me.

    • Kirra
      Kirra says:

      first get him happy in his new home, then start giving him treats when he touches your finger and work up from that. put them by a window but not in direct sunlight and lots of fun toys! its probably a little stressful for him, so don’t rush, once he feels comfortable, he will open up more

  7. Brenda Carey
    Brenda Carey says:

    Hi I have a bird named Buzz. His got prickly feather ends and he tries to pick them out but he can’t. What can I do? The ends feel like a porcupines around his neck and the top of his head.

    • All Pet Birds
      All Pet Birds says:

      These are new feathers coming in and you can help him by very gently rubbing these feathers between your fingers to “open” them up. 🙂

  8. Jessie
    Jessie says:

    Hi, I have had my parrotlet Twitch for a few months now and while he is mostly well behaved and comes to my hand he is ripping the wall paper and anything else he can get his beak into and I’m at a loss for what to do about it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    • Kirra
      Kirra says:

      get them destruction toys and lots of them. I rotate out my parrotlets toys every week and add in some new ones. if you have a smaller cage, then try upgrading to a larger one. Parrotlets need big cages.

  9. Terry
    Terry says:

    I am thinking about getting a bird when I retire next year. I took the quiz and the parrotlet was recommended. I will have a house as far as living space goes. I was wondering if they get along with dogs.

    • All Pet Birds
      All Pet Birds says:

      Hi Terry, That’s great that you want to get a bird! Unfortunately, dogs are very dangerous to birds and they should not be around each other unsupervised or allowed to “play” with each other. Dog saliva alone is toxic to birds. However, I’m not saying you shouldn’t get a bird. There are many homes that have both dogs and birds and they work just fine as long as the necessary precautions are taken. 🙂

  10. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    I would like to own a parrotlet any advice for feeding etc I can’t decide which brand and things like that.
    Ps this website is very helpful!

  11. Daelin
    Daelin says:

    One of my childhood friends had a parakeet; and I was always jealous. Birds are a very fun pet for a home that isn’t suited for dogs or cats. I also think they really brighten a room with their color and their song. I’m tempted to get one for my daughter, but she’ll probably need help training it. I appreciate the advice that you gave!

    • Kirra
      Kirra says:

      I would not recommend getting a parrotlet for a first time owner, they are very stubborn and hard to train and their bites really hurt. so for her first bird, I would recommend a parakeet.

  12. Ethan (Raliegh, Nc)
    Ethan (Raliegh, Nc) says:

    Atom is a five year old parrotlet that knows that my sister hates birds so when she comes over he does try to scare and he does it all the time to her. Once he fly’s away from my screaming sister he gets on my shoulder and watch’s her yell at me. He also enjoys torturing my sisters chew woe woe. When her dog was barking at Atom, he got on the ground charged him and bit him on the nose and sent the dog running away. He also does not like feet when he is on the ground he will charge at my feet and try to bit them and he darts across the room fast. He does the same thing with soda cans and water bottles if you touch them he gets mad like he owns and I am messing with his stuff.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Atom sound like a typical parrotlet. He is intelligent and has picked up on the fact your sister is scared of him. He is using it to bully her. You have to socialise parrotlets with many different people often to stop them becoming one person birds. You should watch the videos in Chet Womach’s course for training birds. Good luck!


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