The Pionus Parrot

A friendly family pet

The Pionus Parrot is often overlooked because it seems drab-looking, but these parrots are great family pets.

Pionus look like small Amazons and they both have similar traits. Pionus tend to be quieter and not as agressive as Amazons. However, male Pionus still tend to be more aggressive than females, especially during breeding season. Pionus also tend to bond to a whole family rather than just one person like the Amazon.

Pionus are also capable of talking, though they don’t usually have a wide vocabulary. Their voices are soft and a bit raspy, but if you listen closely, they can be enjoyable communicators. Pionus are also rather quiet, so they make a good pet if you are living in an apartment but wish to have a larger pet bird.

Pionus also don’t crave attention. They do need daily interaction, but they are independent enough to be happy playing on their own as well. These are great companion parrots that should not be overlooked!

Pet Pionus Parrot Species

Pionus Parrots
Blue-Headed Pionus Bronze-Winged Pionus Dusky Pionus Maximilian’s Pionus
pionus parrot blue-headed
pionus parrot bronze-winged
pionus parrot dusky
pionus parrot maximilians
White-Capped Pionus
pionus parrot white-capped
Fast Facts
Name Pionus (Pionus), Blue-Headed Pionus (P. menstruus), Bronze-Winged Pionus (P. chalcopterus), Dusky Pionus (P. fuscus), Maximilian’s Pionus (P. maximiliani), White-Capped Pionus (P. senilis)
Origin Central and South America
Size 9-13″, 200-280 grams
Color Differences Most Pionus are predominantly dark green with a range of brighter colors on their head and wings. Some subspecies are dark blue and bronze in color.
Owner Pionus are good for first-time owners.
Average Cost $200-900
Lifespan 35+ years
Noise Pionus are quieter than Amazons and therefore make a good pet for someone living in an apartment that wants a larger bird.
Qualities Quieter and less aggressive than Amazons, males tend to be more aggressive than females (especially during breeding season), good family pet, tend to bond with the whole family, capable of learning a small vocabulary, have soft, raspy voices, friendly, outgoing, some are shy and nippy, not overly demanding, make a wheezing sound when frightened, may make a growling sound when they feel threatened, love to bathe daily, can be high strung and a bit nervous, good pet for a home with children.
Abilities Good – Pionus are capable of talking, but their vocabulary isn’t as good as the Amazons.
Interaction/Time Requirements Pionus need daily interaction, but are also independent enough to play on their own.
Diet They need a diet for medium birds and are prone to obesity, so a proper diet is a must.
Supplies Needed They need supplies for medium birds.
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Pionus Videos
“Spencer’s World Premiere”

Video by kdiddybPionus are capable of talking and they have soft, raspy voices. This video is a great example of a talking Pionus (White-Capped).

“Flying to her boing. Sachi my White capped Pionus parrot”

Video by emma9sachiPionus can also be very affectionate birds. This video is a great example of the level of cuddliness of a Pionus.

“Bronze wing & Blue head Pionus Parrots”

Video by peterfliaoThis is a funny video of a Bronze-Winged Pionus playing and a Blue-Headed Pionus wanting to get in on the action. It’s just fun to watch!

Pionus Training
Pionus parrots, like most medium-sized parrots, can be very nippy. You definitely need to know how to train your Pionus if you want him to be hand tamed and enjoy spending time with you and your friends/family. However, if you don’t know how to train a Pionus, you may have difficulty even getting your bird out of his cage.

For this reason, we highly recommend that you find an effective training program for your Pionus. Whether your Pionus is new to your home or you’ve had him for years, a training program will always come in handy. We personally recommend the Bird Tricks Parrot Training Course by Chet Womach. You can see many of his videos for free to get an idea of how much he knows about birds and how he can help you train yours.

Below is one of Chet’s videos that covers the first step to stopping your parrot’s biting. This technique is perfect for Pionus parrots. This video is a great example of how effective the training courses can be and how they are filled with a wealth of useful information for any bird owner. This video is only the first step in getting your bird hand tamed. We highly recommend checking out Chet’s curriculum for taming your Pionus even further.

For more information about Chet’s course, you can visit the Bird Tricks webpage here.
Pionus Education

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