Potty Training a Parrot

Potty Training a Parrot

by Vince

How do I train my Alexandrine Parakeet in toilet training? What is the secret? Tin Tin is about 7/8 weeks old. And do both sexes talk?


Hello Vince,

I actually haven’t been able to find a lot of information about toilet training, but I’ve always been able to successfully potty train my parrots.

I will usually hold the bird, put him or her on my shoulder, and keep an eye on them constantly. When it looks like they are going to go to the bathroom, I put them on their cage or on a perch to go (and say something like “poop” at the same time). Once they go, I praise them immensely, immediately pick them back up to hold, and possibly give a treat.

If the bird ever goes to the bathroom on me, I say, “no” and put them on a perch (while saying “poop”) for approximately 5-10 minutes before picking them back up again. That way, they know that they can’t go to the bathroom on me if they want to sit on me.

Then, they will start to hold their potty more often. You just have to make sure if they haven’t learned to tell you when they need to go (saying “poop” or something similar) that you put them on a perch or their cage periodically to go or they will just go on you.

And yes, both sexes of Alexandrines can learn to talk. However, keep in mind that that doesn’t mean that all will.

God bless,

Michelle Jay

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