Thinking of getting a bird in my apartment…

Thinking of getting a bird in my apartment…

by Taiylor Wallace
(Marquette, MI)

I’m trying to decide and plan ahead what kind of bird I’d like once I get an apartment in college.

I’m most attracted to cockatiels, but what species are similarly cuddly and vocal (as in singing)?

Also, is it okay to buy a bird from a large retailer such as Petsmart? I know to look for health and good temperament, but is it advised if I can’t find a breeder or one to adopt?

And lastly, what are some affordable brands I should look out for in food and treats and cages and whatnot?

Thanks kindly!


Hi Taiylor,

Congratulations on your decision! I think a cockatiel would be your best bet based on your preferences. You can take a look at our Parrot Comparison Chart if you’d like to compare other options:

As a last resort, yes, you can purchase a bird from a pet store. It seems you already know that it is advised against, so I would just strongly recommend you only do that if you have no other options for finding your companion. Birds from pet stores can have health problems due to the way they are acquired, handled, fed, and monitored. Most of the general pet store employees I’ve encountered have very limited knowledge about birds so you never know what you may be getting.

You can also check out our Small Bird Supply Checklist for everything we recommend for your new friend:

I think you’ll be a great bird owner. 🙂

God bless,

Michelle Jay

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