What do parrots eat?

What do parrots eat?

by Alice
(Orlando, FL)

I see all kinds of websites that have so much information about parrot diets, foods, products, etc. but I’d just like to know…What do parrots eat? Please just give me a simple, straight-forward answer. Thank you.


Hello Alice,

Great question! You’re right, it’s difficult to find a straight forward answer about what parrots eat.

So, here it is:

In the wild, parrots have been seen eating mostly leaves, stems, vines, shoots, vegetables, fruits, seed, flowers, insects, and insect larvae.

In captivity, parrots are supposed to be eating the following foods:

  • Grain Products – 50% of diet
  • Vegetables and Fruits – 45% of diet
  • Dairy and Meat – 5% of diet
  • Seed and Nuts – <1% of diet

We know you didn’t ask for this, but if you’d like more detailed information about the diet of medium to x-large sized parrots, you will find it on these pages:

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

God bless,

All Pet Birds

Comments for What do parrots eat?

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by: sashiAnonymous

I found an injured parrot on road yesterday whose head was injured by crows. I brought it home and applied medicated cream. Gave it apple and bell peppers and water but it is not eating anything. What to do?

Apr 09, 2013 My parrot won’t sleep
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Can you tell me how to get parrot to sleep?

Feb 09, 2013 what i need to start with to get a parrot.
by: kristina

what els would parrots eat.
i was searching for a website like this so i know . becuse i reallz whant a bird and mz dad says i need to know everzthing about that bird.so i was asking what els do parrots eat.


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