What is the best pet bird for you?

Want a pet bird? There are so many to choose from!

Choosing the best pet bird is very important when it comes to both you and your new bird’s ultimate happiness and well-being. Mismatched birds and owners land many parrots in bird rescues around the world.

To help you not add to the already out-of-hand bird rescue problem, after you’ve determined that a bird is the right pet for you and your family, this quiz is a simple way to find out what is the right pet bird for you.

Just so you know, we did not include the less common pet birds in this quiz. If you are interested in one of these birds, we suggest researching them on your own and making sure you are fully able to care for them.

Remember: This quiz isn’t only meant to figure out what the right bird is for you…but also whether you are the right owner for each bird. So, keep your answers honest and this is a great first step to making sure both you and your new pet bird will be very happy with each other!

What Is the Best Pet Bird for You?

Choosing a pet bird

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