Which type of parrot is my pet?

Which type of parrot is my pet?

by Aditya Singh
(Allahabad, India)


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Hello!!! I have a pet parrot which one day came to my house and sat on my hand and was hungry. I made him my pet. I don’t know what type of parrot it is. What species is it? I found a large amount of information on your website. Please help me. I am attaching the picture below. Please reply 🙂



It looks like you got yourself an Alexandrine Parakeet. I’m pretty sure it’s a very young one, too. Perhaps even less than a year old.

You can learn more about how best to take care of him or her here:


Be sure to bring him or her to a veterinarian as soon as you can to be sure he or she is healthy.

Best of luck to you. 🙂

God bless,

Michelle Jay

Comments for Which type of parrot is my pet?

Nov 28, 2014 Awww
by: Anonymous

Good for you! I have an Alexandrine but I did not find her LOL! They are the sweetest, most loving, very expensive parrots. Congrats!!!

Jul 04, 2014 I got that too
by: Anonymous

I have That bird too. It was hurt and i found it.

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  1. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    Hi I’ve rescued this bird as it’s owner died and it was left with nowhere to go can anyone tell me what type it is.

  2. Reena jain
    Reena jain says:

    I lost my similar pet …it says words like mittu, umma …flew away one fine day ..if anyone finds it , please let me know


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